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Less Stuffed Design Trends

Written By Unknown on Friday, May 16, 2014 | 4:26 AM

The latest home design trends of 2014 are all about simplicity and elegance and discourage over stuffing the home with decor items. While decorating your home, your top most priority should be to add style and harmony both together and for that you need to follow less stuffed design trends ideas. Most of the time, we buy everything that we find beautiful and trendy, ignoring the fact that they may not go well with each other and this is the reason majority of the home decors lack in synchronization and harmony. Following the trend lines of year 2014, I am bringing to you some amazing ideas to add style and harmony in your home with few decorative items. 

Focus on Significance
If your home has spaces that need to be filled with decorative items, do not choose random stuff just to fill the space up. Random and meaningless decor items are completely out as the top most priority of less stuffed design trends is to make the place look significant. For that purpose, you need to add meaningful and personalized items in the room. For example, if you are designing your bedroom, instead of adding artwork or paintings, mount photo frames containing photos of different memorable occasions. You can also place the gift items you got on your special occasions. This way your bedroom will look more personalized and meaningful. Following the same rules, you can design your living room and can make it a noteworthy place. Choosing meaningful pieces for your home decor make your home look more pleasant and comfy. Every item in the room will remind you of different occasions and memorable events making your stay at home enjoyable and relaxing.

Also make sure to remove the purposeless pieces from the room so that the place looks spacious and tidy. A tidy and well organized room always leaves appreciable impression on your guests making their trip comfy and pleasant.

Neutral furniture
If you are going to buy queen sized furniture items, make sure not to buy too many items or else you can go for small sized furniture with more pieces. Following the less stuffed design trends, I would suggest you to pick the furniture from LeatherBedsArena that is more practical and appropriate for any home. Do not go for too much style as it will limit its placement to specific places and ambiance. A sofa or couch, an easy chair, central table, a storage chest and a stylish Soho dining set are enough to furnish a living room in a perfect style. Also focus on the colour scheme of the furniture and pick the ones with neutral colours like black, white or any shade in brown. Furniture serves your home for years so picking furniture items in neutral styles and colours makes it feasible for you to change your home setting according to the latest trends.  

Solo Accessories
Place a bigger accessory in the room that can be stood alone and become a focal point. For example, you can add a huge vase, a big mirror or a large candle stand that will dominate the ambiance without over stuffing the room. Make sure to place the huge decorative item at prominent place enabling it to play its role.

Decorate Practical Items
If your home has less space to place decorative stuff, you can utilise the practical items to adorn your place. For example instead of placing additional decor stuff in the kitchen, adorn the practical items like jars, containers, cabinets and kitchen racks by wrapping them with colour sheets. You can do the same in your bed room and living room by decorating the book rack, CD rack, shelves and drawers.


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