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Latest trends to decorate the Living room

Written By Unknown on Sunday, May 11, 2014 | 1:00 PM

See the latest trends to decorate your living room and new furnish ideas for future living room interior designs

latest trends to decorate the living room

latest trends to decorate the living room

Agonize over the question of how to Decorate the living room? with new trends, Then this article is for you! As you know, living is one of the largest rooms in the house, since it held the main activities of family character. In order to create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience, it is necessary to carefully approach the creation of the interior of this room.

Living room decorating ideas, zoning living room

How to furnish and decorate living room

Living room in a studio apartment, usually combines also the bedroom and study, and sometimes even the nursery. Thus the most common technique in the design of  zoning interior.

Living room decorating ideas with ceiling lighting

Consider the oriental style of living room, its advantages and disadvantages. As professionals, interior room in oriental style should be concise, compact and mobile. Oriental style also characterizes a connection with nature. Thus one of the important tasks of this style is the creation of light and shadow with a thin obscure lighting.

Arabian Living room decorating ideas

As for the color scheme, the design of furniture and used muted colors - yellowish gray. The most commonly used wood dark close in color to Wenge, as a main material. You must have a niche in which necessarily must be a vase of flowers, and above it a painting or calligraphy located inscription. At the same time, being in a living room, a person experiences a feeling of sadness. As for furniture, its amount should be minimized. Also allowed the use of multifunctional furniture. In the east you can find living room dividers, sliding paper frame selection different areas on the floor carpets.

Arabian Living room decorating ideas

Also one of the common styles of minimalism living . it is quite conservative, but it does not forbid making a variety of features that makes the house a spacious world, warm and harmonious.

minimalism living room decorating ideas

Typically, this style is perfect for rooms with a small area. Style name speaks for itself. This minimal use of furniture, preferred multifunctional interior. Also imbued minimalism and color scheme. We recommend using no more than three colors. The ideal solution for small living room, which is always in order. However, tourists can suffer a bit due to the small number of elements of interior and decor.

minimalism Living room decorating ideas

Also, professionals recommend using luxury style in the living room TV and other equipment properly hide, since its presence violates the integrity of style.

luxury Living room decorating ideas

When designing interior should not clutter the space furniture. Living room should not be cramped, especially when there are often assembled guests.

small Living room decorating ideas with black accent

In the color scheme is not recommended to use dark colors that can visually reduce the space. As basic light colors can rid the room of dark, aggressive nature.

multi-level ceiling and Living room decorating ideas

If you decide to take this concept as zoning living room with a low ceiling, it is not recommended to use multi-level ceilings, as they narrow the space. Also in this case there is a risk of destruction ceiling.

Living room decorating ideas with stretch ceiling

As regards the doors, they must not be narrower. This is explained by the fact that the organization of the festival in the living room narrow doors will bring a lot of trouble when moving furniture, as well as when placing the holiday table.

warm Living room decorating ideas

We hope that this article will help you determine the style, color scheme, and useful tips to decorate your living room and will be useful in creating a unique image for your future living.
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