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How to Maximize Space in Your Home?

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 | 7:54 AM

We always look for more space in your home to accommodate our belongings and excess items and also want to make our home look spacious and inviting. Here we are going to detail some useful ideas on how you can maximize space in your home.

Front Entrance
The door way is the front area of your home that leaves very first impression of your place to the visitors. You can make the entrance area functional by placing large mirror on the walls to enhance the beauty of your home and make it look open. If you have enough space on entryway, you can also place a small bench for your children to sit on while waiting for their school van.

Being the busiest place of a home, kitchen should be functional and enjoyable. If kitchen possesses a joyful and welcoming ambiance, it would be easier for you to cook meals in your kitchen. You can maximize the space in your kitchen by mounting shelves and drawers on walls to store your cutlery and other kitchen items. Remove containers and jars from the counter and place them on the top roof of cabinets and shelves. Make sure to throw away or donate the items that are not in use.  
If you have a shared bathroom, you can place a basket and shelves under the basin or behind the door to store bathroom items and electrical appliances like shaver, hairdryer and straighter without occupying additional space. Install hooks behind the door to hang your cloths, scarves and other items. 

Living room
As living room is a multipurpose common room, it should possess sufficient space to accommodate your family and guests. Add multifunctional furniture in your living room to save space. For example you can place a stool or table in the living room that comes with storage solution to store your excess items or you can buy space saving sofa beds to accommodate your guests for a night stay.  

Kids’ rooms
Kids’ room should be spacious enough to let your kids play and move around in their room. You can save space by placing a bunker bed in place of regular beds. You would find a huge range of bunker beds in the market serving you several functions other than sleeping. Use space on walls to hang artwork, photo frames and other stuff and make the room free of clutter enabling your kids to move around.

By placing a bed with storage space solution, you can easily store your bedroom items in an organized way without creating mess in the room. Arrange and maintain your wardrobe properly so that you don’t create mess in your bedroom while searching for a dress in your wardrobe. Place drawer chest in the room to store your belongings and to maximize space in the room. If your bedroom items are placed safely in drawers and wardrobe, your room will look open and tidier. 

This is how you can maximize space in your home without much effort. 
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