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Top tips to Decorate your home with red

Written By Unknown on Saturday, March 29, 2014 | 4:35 PM

The latest trends of red tones and how to decorate with red in your home or interior, top tips and ideas

You have one of the most striking in interior decorating colors. 's why, if you're reading this post, it is because we are facing a brave reader and full of personality. If anything is clear is that if you decided to decorate your home with the color of passion and strength, it is because you are a daring person.

Decorate with red tones

decorate with red, red and black kitchen

Although not Believe it is one of the tones more employees in the decor, from the bedroom to the kitchen, through the bathroom. It is a strong color, but has several shades and blends well with other , as may be gray The blue , yellow and of course the black.

decorate with red, red interior

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If you want the red predominates in your bedroom, you can choose to purchase this color furniture, paint the walls or any of them, place decorative ornaments, carpets, curtains, vases, etc..

decorate with red, red mosaic tiles for bathroom

In the kitchen or lounge you can have dishes or tablecloths. Also, keep in mind that it is a color that blends well with most furniture materials like wood and metal. in hallways and entrance is used for its liveliness.

Decorate your room in red

If you want to be even more daring, you can combine this color with orange and purple. The mixture of these three hot colors will offer serenity and harmonious spaces. Finally, although they say that red is a color that affects the nervous system, do not pay much attention.

decorate with red, red in bedroom floor

There are some articles can help you to decorate your room in red:

 If you act as background and in combination with other softer as white or pastel shades and even with black, which are colors that go very well and dampen their influence.

decorate with red, red interior living room

Everything depends on your taste and what you do feel the tones you have in your home. Moreover, at present, more and more are using this color in the decoration of houses. So, you know, stop red relate to the prohibition and employ it in the room you want.

decorate with red, red house

The exterior is also an optional place to put it. It need not be too jazzy, but with a tone can be off even give a very elegant touch . They fit both modern and classical interior therefore do not see any styles as a drawback, as even in the minimalist decor can make small strokes in additional parts or accessories.

decorate with red, outdoor fireplace

Would you dare to decorate your home with this color? Do you think it would fit?
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