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5 elegant ways to add warmth to your home

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 | 5:16 PM

The modern trend when it comes to building homes and designing interiors is to opt for a futuristic, spade age-styled minimalist look that borrows from plenty of whites, grays and blacks. The look is often robotic resulting in homes that are great to look at and visit, but bland and lifeless to live in. It’s like your home lacks a personality and face of its own

Without that unique identity, that personal touch and the exclusive warmth that makes you feel that you belong here; it is really hard to call it your ‘own’. Adding warmth to a place is not as difficult though as many make it out to be.

These simple steps will help you turn the stylish house into your comfortable home!

Add a fireplace to create a more ambient atmosphere

Instead of opting for the modern fireplaces that use plastic materials and a combustible gas for fuel, go traditional with your fireplace mantle. This gives the home a personal look and a timeless charm. A wooden fireplace mantle is a classic that turns out to be a winner on every occasion. But in case your home uses plenty of glass, then a stone mantle styled elegantly is also an excellent choice. This instantly adds warmth to your home in more than just one way, you know …

Pick vibrant colors, shades and textures

Instead of sticking to what is on offer go with the warmer shades like variations of red, orange and yellow. Also if you love the blue sky, the gentle green or even the cute pink, then go for it. Of course, make sure that this is a gentle transformation and not a glaring oddity. Then you can change the textures by choosing patterns that are bold, yet acceptable. This will add immensely to the coziness of your home and it will also give you an excellent opportunity to get creative.

Candles, books and green shrubs

A great book collection, wonderful arrangement of candles or an excellent sue of indoor potted plants and shrubs instantly makes the place a lot friendlier and warm. You can always improvise on this by adding stuff that you like, making your own collection of items and adding more life to the walls. Wicker baskets that hold stuff are also a favorite among people when it comes to creating an affectionate atmosphere.

Use of personal items, collectibles and photographs

There is obviously nothing that offers a home its unique flavor like personal items beautifully arranged. You still have those special photographs that share your great times with your guests? They do bring back some wonderful memories. Both items also tend to become great conversation pieces and if you happen to have a rare or exclusive collectible, then that only adds to the fun.

Lamps shades, curtains, velvet and wool

Rule of thumb: materials such as velvet and wool always help make your home a lot cozier and give it a very warm look. Using a retro-styled lamp shade, curtains made out of Felicia or Terracotta and you’re only adding to the affect. Just mix and match them wisely with the existing interiors and they are sure to work their magic.

No matter how great your home looks, it is important to give it that snuggly and inviting look to ensure that both you and those who visit you once in a while are comfortable and do not feel out of place. It is not a difficult task and once you get started, you will find new ways of making the four walls around you become a natural extension of your thoughts, feelings and emotions!
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