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Written By Ally Alderton on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 | 1:44 AM

Because it is a land with a steep slope, the application of the treaty to adapt housing to the formal charges of the land to ensure better integration and harmonization, reduction of landscape impacts.

The elevation of the threshold and the other enforcement actions were carried out in order to manage the relationship with surrounding buildings, and even this relationship defines the design, and most of the formal decisions of the house.

Therefore, due to the volume of construction in the West, it was necessary to get up and away from the roadside as possible to get to enjoy the views over the bay of Funchal, where light is abundant.

Because the provision of assessments and deployment of very high rates that the crown of the North and east boundaries of this land, it was necessary to drive this home to south and west to get a little privacy. Had success with this place, establish greater harmony between the long-range deployment of assessments of neighboring buildings, so that according to the shape of the earth.

To overcome the slope of the land, it was necessary to use a ramp, looking at the majority of this course would meet and address lines of the planned building, the same with the necessary supporting walls, which were distributed in habitable zones, to transmit a bit of animation and became an integral part of this housing project.

The building is a privileged relationship with the garden areas that are adjacent, which can be visited throughout the site. Therefore, a set of exterior routes that comply with the idea of ??maintaining open green spaces.
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