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My Version of a Healthy Trifle

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 | 2:00 AM

Please don't laugh , but I always assume that if dessert has fruit in it, it's healthy...... right?

And it's extra good for you if you combine at least 2 of the key food groups.... in this case Dairy and Fruit.
So in reality the only "unhealthy" ingredient in this trifle are the brownies that I cut up and layered on the bottom of my dish?
 And topped with fresh strawberries that I mixed with a bit of Splenda and a little water.
And then added a ' kinda sorta I want to believe it's healthy' whipped cream that I made with heavy whipping cream ( 2 cups) and some powdered sugar ( 1 cup or to desired thickness) on top.
And to promote more good healthy eating, I added another layer on top and garnished with more strawberries.
Go ahead. Tell me that doesn't look healthy.......
I will make a believer out of you too!
PS- Tell me, do you have the same assumption about fruit?

Grateful for~
The ability to work out after I eat "healthy" desserts like this

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