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How I Got my Start In Blogging And In the Bloglight

Written By Unknown on Thursday, January 31, 2013 | 2:00 AM

    I am so excited to be in the blog light today. What an awesome thrill to be able to share a bit about me and 
how I got my start in blogging with the Blogtalk community and my Top This Top That readers. 
    Something you may not know is how I actually got started
    in blogging. Would you believe a lamp shade. In fact this shade.
    Yes it's true.
    See, I had big plans for me and my shades. We were going places, doing things, and planned on traveling the globe. For months I worked on shade samples. Months in the craft room I was creating, researching and planning my big strategy to sell my shades to Pottery Barn, 
  Ballards, Joss & Main and Walmart, just to name a few. I also thought of what shoes I would wear, the necklace and how to style my hair when I showed up on the QVC Channel to show you my incredible creations.
    And then it came time to sell. Nothing. Crickets. 
    Hellllooooo.... anybody need a lampshade?????
   I thought to myself "Surely people had lamps in their homes and  would need a great shade, right"? 
    Well.... wrong. 
    I guess I just couldn't compete with Hobby Lobby's 50% off coupon every week or the newly introduced Nate Berkus line at Target. Truth be told, the only shades I was moving, were the one's I was giving away... to my kids, my mom and my friends.
    But that was okay, you see I had started my blog when I launched my shop to chronicle and share my projects from around the house and since lampshades were not my first true love or passion, the projects were, the blog stuck because I am was doing something that I really loved... blogging.
   So, I donated the shades to a local charity and here we are a year later in the Bloglight talking about Top This Top That.
    My  Home Office
   About 11 years ago things really transitioned for my husband and I when we took a Sunday drive. We decided to change our lifestyle and purchase some land in the middle of nowhere USA. Here we were moving from a wonderful subdivision in Atlanta with grocery stores and shops within walking distance and a 1/2 mile work commute for my husband, in exchange for dirt roads, donkeys for pets and good ole country living. 
    A decision that we don't regret and would not change for the world.

My son with Daisy Mae
   During the last year I continue to be amazed with the amount of attention my Burlap Wreath here has gotten. Although completely flattered and honored, I get more traffic from the Burlap Wreath then I do from cars on my own road or any other road around here for 500 miles. 
    But that's okay, we like it that way in the country. 
   ( FYI- my wreath continues to be my biggest source of traffic for my blog ) 

   Although I have a love for design and DIY projects, getting my hands dirty (literally) is a passion that most may not realize. More times then not, you will find me outside gardening or landscaping around the property and it's possible on some weeks that I am on my tractor more then I am in my car. 
    What can I say, I am country girl!! 
   This Spring, I hope to find new avenues and opportunities to share more gardening and outdoor projects with you. 
To see these and other  projects click here
    So, when I am  not feeding the donkeys, the pony, the dogs, the fish, the cats or the kids you will find me posting something new on Top This Top That at least 3 times a week.  I typically photograph and style my projects in the morning and write at night after my children have gone to bed and the house is quiet. 
    On the weekends I try to get some of my projects completed if it doesn't take away from time with my husband or children, which remains a priority so we can spend time here
    or catch up on sleep here
     or relax here
   I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to have stumbled upon this world that we call blogging. Thank you Mr.Lampshade. 
   Blogging has been a gift. It has introduced me to a whole bunch of caring and passionate people that I have been so privileged to meet and come to call friends. I get to work on projects around the house and share them with people who have similar interests.
    I can inspire and be inspired.
                                                 My favorite room
    Regardless if you are a friend that I have come face to face with or a friend whose connection is just virtual, I want to thank you for taking the time to read and support my blog and providing me an opportunity each week to share my dreams, my heart and my  projects with you .
C        Curious- what project did you start that led you down a completely different path?

Grateful ~
To be able to share my heart with you today and for the honor of being in the Bloglight!

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